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Ilektra Chrysanthou

  • 3D Modeling, VFX, Texture Art, Rendering & LIghting, Look Dev


CG Generalist showreel

A collection of my work as a freelance CG Generalist, featuring work in texturing, shading, lighting and real time characters.

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CG Generalist

Covering the full range of CG disciplines to create full CGI shots/sequences or assets, matching to your projects needs.

Lighting & Rendering

3D Lighting and Rendering either full CGI shots or matching lighting to plate for VFX shots. Able to work within Maya/3DsMax and render with Arnold/Renderman/VRay.


Providing texturing for pre-created models and UVs if necessary. Able to adapt to a variety of styles, from photorealistic high-end VFX productions to a stylised approach or hand painted textures.