Membership Information

Become members of Cyprus Animation Association to empower and reinforce its efforts, mission and objectives.

    Collectively improve the industry and professional standards. Be involved in the mission.
    Have your profile and work promoted through the association’s website, and be part of a collected database of professionals and companies of the industry and art field.
    Promoted and supported activities and events provide our members with plenty of opportunities to connect with other professionals.
    Exclusive discounts to events, workshops, seminars, etc.
    Be up to date with industry news, jobs and opportunities.
    Have the option to be a member of Association Internationale du Film d’Animation.

There are 2 types of membership: regular and honorary.

Eligible for regular membership are:

1. Graduates of university and / or other recognised institutes in the fields of Animation or other relevant fields.

2. Directors/Producers who have created at least one (1) animation film of any length, which has been screened at minimum two (2) official international festivals or has been distributed or shown on television or on recognized online animation viewing platforms.

3. Creators of video art who have directed at least two (2) works that have been screened in galleries, museums, art video festivals, film festivals or theaters.

4. Creative participants such as screenwriters, illustrators, photographers and other relevant professionals, who have participated in at least two (2) Animated Film productions or at least two (2) Animation commercials or at least two (2) Animation music films.

5. Students of university and / or recognized institutes in the fields of Animation or related fields can become members of the Association.

Eligible for honorary membership are:

People with long-term contribution in animation and / or related fields or people who have offered significant assistance of any kind to the Association may become honorary members, after an official decision of the Board and the General Assembly. Honorary members have the same rights and duties as the members, excluding the right to elect and be elected, and are exempt from the obligation of the annual subscription.

The Association also represents the International Animated Film Association ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) in Cyprus, which gives the option for CAA members to be ASIFA members. (extra fee of €15.)

ASIFA international was founded in 1960 in Annecy, France as an association of individual animation artists. Today ASIFA can be described as an international network of numerous local ASIFA Chapters, which have developed their own local identities and special activities. (


ASIFA International is the first-established and farthest-reaching international organization founded for the very purpose of connecting animators across cultures and countries. Regional ASIFA Groups all over the world are working for the benefit of animation in different ways, then these groups and individual members come together, in order to work for the benefit of animation on the international level. Because we are animators connecting to animators, our organization offers opportunities for making connections with each other. We love the art of animation. ASIFA animators meet at festivals, contact other ASIFA members when they are traveling, and build relationships of collaboration. Recent examples include: guest lectures and teaching at colleges, exchanges and tours of facilities, project collaboration, correspondence, and mentoring. As a group, ASIFA brings together like-minded individuals who share our love of animation, believe that animation can help communicate across borders, and can foster international communication. Animation communicates across borders.

We are volunteer run and our members have a say in our activities and advocacy through their chapter representatives and the ASIFA General Assembly meetings (which can be attended by any ASIFA member).

In addition to being connected to animators all over the world, your membership supports global projects like UNESCO’s Africa Animated, International Animation Day, the ASIFA Prize, ASIFA Workshop Groups and other special projects.

Additional benefits of ASIFA membership are:

¤ Subscription to ASIFA MAGAZINE, published quarterly online with one printed issue annually.

¤ Present your membership card for free entry and discounts at animation festivals:

• Discount on festival tickets and passes at Ottawa International Animation Festival

• 15% off festival passes at GLAS Animation Festival

• Free attendance  “Cyber Sousa” Xiamen International Animation Festival

• Free attendance Hiroshima International Animation Fesetival

¤ 20% discounts on CRC Press animation books

¤ Film exchange program between ASIFA chapters.

¤ ASIFA Workshops Group, an international community of Workshop Instructors that facilitate the creation of one children’s animation per year.

To access discount codes and magazine issues, members should contact their chapter representative.

We are continuing to add benefits and discounts for ASIFA members. If you are part of an organization that would like to partner with ASIFA through a discount or benefit offer, please Corrie Francis Parks <technical(at)>

First time Registration Fee: €5 (non refundable)

Regular Membership Fees: €20 (annual)

ASIFA Membership Fees: €15 (annual)(optional)