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Cyprus Animation Association (CAA)/ASIFA Cyprus is a local association which aims to represent professionals and artists in the disciplines of animation, motion graphics and visual effects. The association also represents the International Animated Film Association ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d’Animation) in Cyprus.
ASIFA international was founded in 1960 in Annecy, France as an association of individual animation artists. Today ASIFA can be described as an international network of numerous local ASIFA Chapters, which have developed their own local identities and special activities. (http://www.asifa.net/)
The Cypriot Chapter was founded in 2013 and was represented in Cyprus by Animafest Cyprus (http://www.animafest.com.cy). In October of 2018 21 founding members of the Cypriot ASIFA Chapter met, agreed and signed the declaration and statute of the Cypriot association commencing a new era in the representation of the animation disciplines in Cyprus. At the meeting a five-member board was appointed and has undertaken roles and responsibilities.
The founding members are:
Chandriotou Eleni
Philiastides Yiannis
Chrysanthou Electra
Rossides Andreas
Kakoullis Theodoros
Savva Maria
Kallis Kyriakos
Stylianou Anna
Kalopaidis Michael
Synnos Nicos
Kimonides Alexandros
Taliotis Kyriakos
Michael Panayiota
Terlikkas Constantinos
Pantela Katerina
Tsangaris Yiorgos
Papanicolaou Michael
Vasiliou Giorgos
Paschali Paschalis
Yennaris Alexandros
Pavlou Maria
Board Members:
President: Paschalis Paschali
Vice-president: Katerina Pantela
Secretary: Yiannis Philiastides
Treasurer: Andreas Rossides
Member: Alexandros Yennaris
Member (animafest): Yiorgos Tsaggaris
Member (animafest): Theodoros Kakoullis
Who we represent:
  1. Professionals of the animation, motion (graphics) and vfx industry that are trained and/or active in the field in Cyprus or abroad, that wish to be members.
  2. Animation artists that are active in the animation art scene.
  3. Any other supporting profession and artist that contributes or is a supporter of the animation industry and art scene.
  1. Promote and foster networking and collaboration, and provide channels for communication between our members, and all local animation community.
  2. Promote and foster networking and collaboration, and provide channels for communication between the local and international animation communities.
  3. Promote and foster collaboration between animation artists and other artists and entities within the cultural and industry sector, such as companies, associations, institutions, and any other type of entity which operates in line or partially with the constitution of the Association. 
  4. Educate, inform, develop local professionals for all aspects of animation industry (skills, techniques, technologies, business, marketing, etc) through festivals, events, projects, masterclasses, lectures and seminars.
  5. Educate, inform, familiarise and establish the value of animation to the general public, through festivals, events, projects, masterclasses, lectures and seminars.
  6. Participate in actions and activities of any institutions which are in direct interest of the association’s agenda. Provide help, educate and inform these institutions.
  7. Represent the association’s members to authorities, institutions, conferences, etc. and inform and keep them updated with all information and activities.
  8. Provide assistance and encourage scientific and statistical research, studies, articles, and dissertations with subjects of interest in line with the Association’s agenda and mission. 
  9. Collaborate, support and assist any institutions and organisations in Cyprus and abroad, whose actions are in line or partially meet the Association’s mission and agenda
Actions/activity to meet those objectives:
  1. By organizing, supervising and supporting festivals, exhibitions, tributes, workshops, meetings, conferences, assemblies and other events in Cyprus and abroad.
  2. By publishing in the press and other mass media, publication of books, bulletins, studies, exhibitions, documents, criticisms and other printed materials that will promote the art of Cinema Animation and will extend to a wider circle of art, folk culture, literature, cinema, and special Cypriot themes, will participate in training seminars of publishing and cinematographic content, local and international organizations, festivals and exhibitions.
  3. Support for Cinema Animation events organized in alignment with the mission and principles of the Association Internationale du Film D 'Animation (hereinafter referred to as ASIFA).
  4. Promoting the international exchange of directors and supporting young artists, rewarding their work.
  5. Screen and promote Animation movies and keep a Film Archive.
  6. To purchase, rent and otherwise legally acquire, hold and use equipment, machinery and devices for the purpose of the Association.
  7. By participating in or otherwise helping any charitable or philanthropic organization or cause or other purpose of public benefit.
  8. With any assistance to members of the Association for the submission and presentation of programs by the Republic of Cyprus, the European Union and / or other countries, organizations, associations, bodies and other natural or legal persons.
  9. By purchasing or acquiring in any other legal way and using real estate and movable property for the purposes of the Association.
  10. In any other lawful manner, the Board of Directors or the General Assembly of the Association decides.